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Breast Lift Surgery

Many factors impact the firmness and elevation of the breast tissue. Gravity, aging, pregnancy, weight gain/loss and breastfeeding all can change the appearance of the breasts. Over time, the skin can stretch and the tissue can sag lower on the chest. To restore firmer, elevated breasts, mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is the ideal solution. Dr. Harry Salinas at HMS Plastic Surgery offers spectacular outcomes from his breast lift procedures at our center in Miami, FL.

The goal of breast lift surgery is to remove excess or stretched skin and reposition the breast tissue higher on the chest. Many women have breasts that are elongated with the nipples pointing downward versus forward. Mastopexy or mammoplasty can rejuvenate the breasts, making them higher and firmer, with nipples and areolas that are centered and facing forward.

Experienced Mastopexy Surgeon

Dr. Harry Salinas is a highly respected and board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. His extensive expertise in reshaping and lifting the breasts is evident in the beautiful outcomes he has achieved for his breast lift surgery patients. Dr. Salinas utilizes the latest techniques to discreetly hide incisions and scars while rejuvenating the breast skin and tissue.

Breast lift surgery does not increase the size of the breasts, but they can appear larger once the tissue is elevated and reshaped higher on the chest. Some patients may opt to have an augmentation performed with their mastopexy to create larger, fuller breasts. This can be achieved with saline or silicone breast implants in various shape and sizes.

Recovery from breast lift surgery is typically about 5-7 days for most patients. There may be some swelling and bruising that lasts for 2-3 weeks, but most patients can return to work in about one week.

If you have sagging breasts and want to enjoy the appearance of higher, more youthful breasts again, contact us at HMS Plastic Surgery. We can schedule a mastopexy consultation with Dr. Harry Salinas to discuss the best options for your breast rejuvenation. Call our plastic surgery center in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL, area to book your appointment.

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Patients Testimonials

Violet B.
Dr. Salinas has been amazing. He has a way about him that is so genuine and he makes you feel comforted immediately. You develop a faith and trust in him from that, and my experience was excellent. He did my reduction after a lumpectomy and I had no issues at all. Super happy with his work, and always a pleasure to meet. He is excellent at what he does and I highly recommend his work. Thank you Dr. Salinas
valentina z.
My oncologist recommended Dr. Salinas for my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction and I couldn’t be more grateful. He is not only an excellent professional but also a very kind human being. He was patient with all my questions and he made the process very smooth and clear. He took into consideration every detail we discussed during our consults I am very happy with the results!
marcia r.
Dr. Harry Salinas is an absolutely amazing doctor! I am a petite woman and due to menopause, my breast became very large affecting my back, neck and shoulders. Dr. Salinas performed a breast reduction and breast lift surgeon. Dr. Salinas invested a significant amount of time explaining the procedure. He was incredibly accommodating as regards to my schedule. He and his staff were always available for prompt follow up on any questions. The results were far beyond my expectations. My only regret is that I waited so long to have the procedure. Dr. Salinas has changed my life! I highly recommend Dr. Salinas for his skill, professionalism, kindness and good heart!