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Internal Bra Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular options in plastic surgery procedures, usually using breast implants for augmentation. In some circumstances, the breast implant may shift outside the breast pocket. Internal bra surgery is one form of breast implant revision surgery that can secure the implant in the correct position. At HMS Plastic Surgery, we offer internal bra procedures at our centers in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL, area.

Some patients with breast implants may notice their breasts changing in shape. If the muscle and tissue holding the implant in place begin to loosen, it may shift out of place. The most common problems are the implant shifting to the outside under the armpit or sinking downward. Revision surgery is needed to restore the correct position by moving the implants and securing them into the breast pocket.

Internal Bra With or Without GalaFLEX

Internal bra surgery is typically performed through the original incision scar from the previous augmentation surgery. During the procedure, the implant is moved back to the correct position, and an “internal bra” is put in place to hold the implant. This “bra” often contains sutures that tighten the breast tissue or inframammary fold. It can also include a sling or mesh used to support underneath the implant, secured internally on the upper ribcage.

At HMS Plastic Surgery, we offer the internal bra with or without GalaFLEX™ mesh. If the breast tissue is weak, a GalaFLEX internal bra may be indicated, but not all patients require mesh for proper implant support. Dr. Salinas customizes every internal bra surgery to the patient, determining the best solution to restore the ideal position for their implants.

Revision Implant Surgery Options

An internal bra surgery can be paired with other breast implant revisions. Many patients choose to swap out their implants at this point – implants are not designed to be lifetime devices, so upgrading to new implants may be suggested. A breast lift can also be performed if there is sagging skin and tissue along with the shifting implants.

More About the Internal Bra Procedure

In all cosmetic and reconstructive breast operations, Dr. Salinas places an internal underwire to provide long-term, stable, internal support for the breast.

Support for the breast is achieved by supporting the inframammary fold with an internal underwire to prevent bottoming out (when the breast falls toward the upper abdomen and recruits upper abdominal skin). The internal bra is created by running a barbed, long-lasting absorbable suture along the inframammary fold and sometimes along the lateral aspect of the pocket to provide a permanent inferior and lateral boundary preventing implant migration. This acts as an internal underwire. The suture takes about a year to reabsorb, at which point it becomes a permanent boundary since it has had time to scar in and heal permanently.

Dr. Salinas may add an absorbable mesh to provide additional soft tissue support to the breast and prevent the skin from stretching out over time. Whether the mesh is necessary or not depends on the patient’s anatomy and the soft tissue envelope quality.

The internal bra provides long-term support for the implants resulting in a more stable, long-lasting result.

Internal underwires prevent the breast from bottoming out and recruiting skin from the upper torso, maintaining torso length. A longer torso makes patients appear slimmer and taller.

The internal underwire is also utilized in cases without implants (breast lifts and breast reductions) to support the breast in a higher position and elongate the torso.

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Patients Testimonials

Violet B.
Dr. Salinas has been amazing. He has a way about him that is so genuine and he makes you feel comforted immediately. You develop a faith and trust in him from that, and my experience was excellent. He did my reduction after a lumpectomy and I had no issues at all. Super happy with his work, and always a pleasure to meet. He is excellent at what he does and I highly recommend his work. Thank you Dr. Salinas
valentina z.
My oncologist recommended Dr. Salinas for my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction and I couldn’t be more grateful. He is not only an excellent professional but also a very kind human being. He was patient with all my questions and he made the process very smooth and clear. He took into consideration every detail we discussed during our consults I am very happy with the results!
marcia r.
Dr. Harry Salinas is an absolutely amazing doctor! I am a petite woman and due to menopause, my breast became very large affecting my back, neck and shoulders. Dr. Salinas performed a breast reduction and breast lift surgeon. Dr. Salinas invested a significant amount of time explaining the procedure. He was incredibly accommodating as regards to my schedule. He and his staff were always available for prompt follow up on any questions. The results were far beyond my expectations. My only regret is that I waited so long to have the procedure. Dr. Salinas has changed my life! I highly recommend Dr. Salinas for his skill, professionalism, kindness and good heart!